Please note that the following measures are in place for Truro 3 Arts concerts at our venue, Truro College for your information and guidance.

1.  The areas we use in the college are cleaned before each performance.

2.  There are hand sanitizers at the door.

3.  Due to the uncertainty regarding the Omicron variant, we ask that concert goers should wear masks when moving around the building - it is still a choice whether to wear it throughout the concert.

4.  People are encouraged to spread out over the seating leaving at least one seat between groups.  We have asked for additional seating behind the performer to provide more space.

5.  During the performance the back doors at the top of the auditorium and the main door into the entrance corridor are open to allow a through passage of fresh air.

6.  We encourage people to think responsibly and if they feel at all unwell not to attend the concert.

7.  We encourage people to arrive at the concerts in small groups and not bother to queue as well as act sensibly and not get too close to others.